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2016 New Commercial Category Winner: Hope Haven’s Hopefully Yours

1000 Friends of Iowa recognizes organizations that are doing great work toward responsible land use every year with its Best Development Awards. The Award program was established in 2001 and includes New Commercial projects.

The New Commercial category highlights new structures for commercial purposes that minimize environmental impact, utilize energy-efficient technologies, offer placemaking qualities, create jobs, or otherwise positively impact the community. Land use development of brownfield sites, use of sustainable building materials, projects that combined various organizational efforts with a diversity of stakeholders, as well as the inclusion of walkability and accessible transportation aspects are also valued qualities.

Applicants were scored by our jurors for the following:

  • Water saving features, such as dual flush toilets, gray water use, sustainable landscape design, etc.
  • Stormwater best management practices, such as reducing impervious surfaces, soil quality restoration, permeable pavements, native plantings, bioretention practices, rainwater harvesting, and green roofs
  • Use of sustainable or recycle materials in building and structure features or other green infrastructure
  • Energy-efficient construction utilizing high-performance walls, daylighting, and passive solar strategies and efficient technologies such as geothermal, sensors and lighting controls
  • Redevelopment of brownfield or other designated sites, is located within a redevelopment district or corridor, utilizes urban infill, or development practice that minimizes sprawl
  • Renewable energy, such as solar photovoltaics and solar thermal
  • Promote transportation alternatives by providing showers to support biking and walking and incentives for traveling by modes other than single occupant cars
  • Adaptively reuse an existing, underutilized, or vacant building

The 2016 New Commercial winner is Hopefully Yours Thrift and Gift Shop in Burlington, IA.

hopefully yours, winner of 2016 best development award in the new commercial category

Hope Haven has operated a thrift and gift store since 2002. After a devastating fire burned the old store to the ground, Hope Haven chose to build a brand new store to continue serving its 530 clients with disabilities and to continue to promote the economic growth of downtown Burlington. As the first new construction on Jefferson St. in 40 years, the new store is close to the old location and takes space that had been vacant for nearly a decade.

Construction was done to be smart on the inside and the outside of the building: the architecture blends in with other downtown structures, has high efficiency HVAC, and LED lighting. It features thermally dynamic glass in all storefront glazing, which darkens when heated by solar gain along the western facade and solar panels. The building meets ADA standards and has a Warren lift (hydraulic lift toilet).  The nature of the business supports its responsible construction goals by employing 11 persons with disabilities, recycling textiles that are not suitable for sale by baling them, which in turn keeps material out of the landfill. The recycling program was also expanded to include cardboard, glass, and metals.

Community support is very high for the project, which is seen by the tripling of donations and increase in sales. Donations in the new building occur under a covered drop-off area, which is more convenient for donors who are physically disabled or elderly.

1000 Friends of Iowa will publicly recognize Hope Haven at its Best Development Award Ceremony, details <here.>

1000 Friends of Iowa Announces 2016 Best Development Award Winners


CONTACT: Julia McGuire, Best Development Award Coordinator, 515-988-1828, awards@1000friendsofiowa.org

1000 Friends of Iowa Announces 2016 Best Development Award Winners

Dec. 27, 2016 (Des Moines, Iowa)

1000 Friends of Iowa proudly announces ten recipients as its Best Development Award winners of 2016. Five independent jurors from across the state selected projects that implement the efficient use of our resources to develop sustainable communities that provide a high quality of life.

The 2016 Best Development Award winners are listed below (category, winner, project, city):

  • In the Renovated Residential category, Todd Schneider for the School House Apartments in Fort Madison
  • In the New Commercial category, Hope Haven Area Development Center Corporation for the Hopefully Yours Thrift and Gift Shop in Burlington
  • In the Renovated Commercial category, Blackbird Investments for the Market One Building in Des Moines
  • In the Mixed Use category, Indigo Dawn for the Green & Main project in Des Moines
  • In the Innovative Leadership category, Johnson County for its Solar Array and Soil Quality Restoration at Johnson County Administration Building in Iowa City
  • In the Renewable Energy category, Steffensmeier Welding and Manufacturing for its Solar Field in Pilot Grove
  • In the Stormwater: Civic category, the City of Storm Lake for its North Central Stormwater Project in Storm Lake
  • In the Stormwater: Private category, Cherry Glen Learning Farm, for its Designed Watershed Mitigation in Polk City
  • In the Urban Placemaking category, The Alley KADTS for The Alley in Oskaloosa

“Having such inspirational nominations from all over the state brought a great close to the 2016 calendar year,” stated Kari Carney, Executive Director of 1000 Friends of Iowa. “Publicly recognizing significant projects to a wide audience is critical to our mission of educating citizens about responsible land use. I hope our Best Development Award winners will be seen as models for other community projects in 2017.”

This year’s award categories expanded to include Renewable Energy, Transportation/Complete Streets, and Placemaking/Green Space as a way for 1000 Friends of Iowa to express the fact that smart land use and sustainable communities are more than buildings. All of the nominated projects help advance sustainability across our state by considering site placement, design, water efficiency, energy management, materials and resources used, indoor environmental quality, public use, and long-term benefits.

The Best Development Award winners are selected from a pool of applicants each year and judged by an independent group of jurors. This year’s jurors were Ryan Peterson, President of Impact7G; Liz Christiansen, Director of the Office of Sustainability at the University of Iowa; Jeff Geerts, Special Projects Manager with the Community Development Division of the Iowa Economic Development Authority; Maureen Collins-Williams, an Iowa public sector professional who trains, speaks and consults with 21st century entrepreneurs and innovators; and Jeff Hanson, Community Development Operations Manager of the City of Sioux City.

Founded in 1998, 1000 Friends of Iowa is the only organization in the state focused solely on promoting responsible land use in community, state, and federal development decisions. Its mission is to unite Iowans in efforts to protect farmland and natural areas, revitalize neighborhoods, towns and cities, and improve quality of life for future generations.

Additional details about each winning project will be forthcoming.


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Celebrating 16 Years of Recognizing Smart Growth & Sustainable Development Across Iowa

The Best Development Awards program recognizes cities, companies, nonprofit organizations, and individuals who demonstrate how responsible development and planning practices provide benefits to the community, the environment, and quality of life for future generations. Nominated projects help advance sustainability across our state by considering site placement, design, water efficiency, energy management, materials and resources used, indoor environmental quality, public use, and long-term benefits.

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Nominations for the 2017 Awards will open on September 1, 2017.
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STEP 1: Download the category application (see links below)

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STEP 3: Submit your nomination by the Nov. 15th deadline

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2017 Categories (Click the specific category for its application) 

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Now more than ever we must raise awareness of people doing great things in our communities. We are facing a critical time when our water, land, air, and climate are so threatened by the impacts of poor land use decisions — it is imperative that we work to promote efforts that are doing it right. Because we know that smart land use and sustainable communities are more that just buildings, we’ve added three new categories this year:

  • Renewable Energy, including solar and wind for commercial and residential properties
  • Transportation/Complete Streets, including walkability and bicycle-friendly measures that cut the dependency on fossil fuels and decrease sprawl
  • Placemaking/Green Space, which turn blight and poor planning into a living vision
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1000 Friends of Iowa established the Best Development Awards in 2001 to showcase development projects and programs in Iowa that best reflect the principles of smart growth, sustainability, and uphold the mission of 1000 Friends of Iowa. We also recognize the efforts of businesses, developers, cities, organizations, and individuals responsible for these projects. The Best Development Awards are selected from a pool of applicants each year and judged by an independent group of jurors. Become a sponsor today!

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