2013 Best Development Awards Recipients

1000 Friends of Iowa is pleased to present recipients of the 2013 Best Development Awards!

Leadership: Appanoose Rapids Microbrewery and Loft Apartments, Ottumwa

The Appanoose Rapids Microbrewery and Loft Apartments is a shining example of what reinvestment in the community by a few can lead to. A domino effect of preservation, revitalization and new life to a block once slated for demolition led our judges to award this project with the 2013 Best Development Award under the category of Leadership. Owners Tim Schwartz & Fred Zesiger began the first phase of the project, the Appanoose Rapids Microbrewery, in 2009. The last phase, four loft apartments, was completed in 2013. By combining residential with commercial use, the project adds to the quality of life in Ottumwa. In an area once considered beyond saving, the leadership, imagination and investment of Schwartz and Zesiger has inspired other groups resulting in additional sustainability projects, the preservation of an entire city block, and a mixed use neighborhood and business district. Visit www.appanooserapidsbrewingcompany.com to learn more about the Microbrewery.

New Commercial/Civic: Central Iowa Shelter and Services, Des Moines

The Central Iowa Shelter and Services (CISS) building, completed in September 2012, received the 2013 Best Development Award under the category of New Commercial/Civic. This project is a wonderful example of re-purposing, collaboration and reinvesting in the community. Built on a vacant piece of land located near public transportation and within easy reach of those whom CISS serves, planning for this project included infill development, Green building practices, supporting local companies, and providing clients with emergency housing, valuable life skills, education, affordable housing, and a sense of community. The importance of creating a sense of community to those who planned this project is evident. The project includes a courtyard with chess boards, picnic tables and a basketball hoop as well as green space featuring a water fountain and large community garden. Visit www.centraliowashelter.org to learn more about the project and services.

Renovated Commercial/Civic:  The Hotel Greenfield, Greenfield

1000 Friends recognized The Hotel Greenfield with the 2013 Best Development Award under the category of Best Renovated Commercial/Civic. Originally completed in 1920 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the restoration and redevelopment of this beautiful structure began in 2010 as part of a revitalization effort by Greenfield residents. Owned and managed by ADCO Enterprises, LC, the Hotel Greenfield has been restored to its original, historic beauty while integrating smart growth principles including waste reduction, individual room climate control and use of energy efficient materials. The hotel adds a genuine sense of place and source of pride for residents, businesses and visitors strengthening the entire community. The restoration and renovation project is a wonderful example of what can be accomplished through community and stakeholder collaboration. Visit www.hotel-greenfield.com to learn more about the history of this hotel and the community of Greenfield.

Mixed Use: Historic Packing and Provision Building, Iowa City

The 2013 Best Development Award under the category of Best Mixed Use went to Marc Moen Development for the Historic Packing and Provision Building in Iowa City. The preservation and rehabilitation of the Historic Packing and Provision Building saved the historic building, a part of the downtown urban fabric, from demolition. The project also filled a need for a mixed use art, business, retail and entertainment space in downtown Iowa City, improving quality of life for downtown residents and employees. The building is walkable from a number of residential neighborhoods and the Iowa City employment center, and is easily accessible by bicycle or public transit. The collaborative effort to reinvest in an existing community, use tax dollars wisely, and restore a sense of place for the downtown community is impressive and worthy of praise.

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