Ask your legislator to add Fix-It First language to any gas tax increase!

Legislative proposals to increase road funding through raising the gas tax, SF 257 and HF 251, are being debated.

Many who support raising the gas tax cite our crumbling roads and structurally deficient bridges, but can Iowans be confident with the existing system that new road money will be spent on fixing roads and bridges?

Regardless of how Iowa legislators approach road funding, they should adopt “fix-it first” language to ensure any new money goes toward repairing existing roads and bridges FIRST, rather than funding new roads or adding lanes to existing roads.

A Fix-It-First strategy prioritizes maintenance and upgrades of existing structures and facilities before constructing or installing new infrastructure.

A Fix-It-First strategy maximizes the value of past investments, minimizes the use of state funds on new projects, stretches limited resources and reinvest in existing communities.

Please ask your legislator to add Fix-It-First language to any bill asking for an increase in gas tax. Iowans need assurance their gas tax dollars will actually go to fixing our state’s decaying infrastructure FIRST before adding additional lanes to existing roads and building new highways.

Fix it first