2016 BDA winner :: Renovated Civic :: Iowa Quilt Museum

The Renovated Civic category features the use of existing structures for civic purposes. Sustainable qualities include but are not limited to the use of salvaged materials as well as sustainable building materials, utilization of energy-efficient technologies, and the adherence to historical preservation practices if applicable. Community-led projects or projects that combine various organizational efforts, as well as the inclusion of placemaking, walkability and accessible transportation aspects are also valued qualities.

The Iowa Quilt Museum Board purchased a vacant former retail store for a new quilt museum. This move built on the momentum of listing the entire Winterset town square and downtown businesses on the National Register of Historic Places, the success of the John Wayne Birthplace Museum, and the community’s desire to revitalize its downtown area.

iowa quilt museum, 2016 bdaThe 130 year old building reused the original hardwood floors, tin ceiling, woodwork, lights, and cabinets, as well as four turn of the century glass display cases salvaged from the John Wayne Museum. Energy efficient elements incorporated into the project include high efficiency HVAC, LED lighting, and removal of canvas awnings to bring natural light into the gift store.

Very little environmental and economic construction impact was sustained because the building was repurposed, utilities already existed, and needed only minor tuckpointing on a rear exterior wall. The historic integrity of the building was maintained, thus the National Register designation was maintained. By adaptively reusing an existing retail space, the final cost was about $15 per sq. ft. as opposed to estimated new construction cost of about $250 per sq. ft. minimum.