Mixed Use: Mason Building, Stanton

Volunteers raised $41,000 for the City of Stanton to go through a Creative Placemaking process, which involved 27.5% of the population. One process outcome was identifying the Tarkio Masonic Lodge building as an ideal renovation project that would support both housing and main street revitalization. The goal was to create an upper story, moderately priced residential living unit with two commercial spaces on the ground level to expand housing options, create downtown activity, and expand business opportunities through renovating an established downtown building.

The Mason Building Renovation ensures the Stanton is a livable community through implementation of smart growth principles. For example, efficient use of tax dollars were used and private investments made for rehabilitation and reuse of an older building. The building, constructed in 1878, needed repairs to its fa├žade and roof. The project empowered citizens to take responsibility for their community and become actively involved in the planning process.

This project was the catalyst spark needed to begin revitalization of the Stanton Downtown as two more buildings have been renovated since this project was completed.

High quality of life was also enhanced by creating framework to build community with the Stanton Industrial Foundation members as well as other businesses involved. The Mason Building was the first completed Community Catalyst Building Remediation project in Iowa.

People United for Responsible Land Use