Renovated Commercial: Textile Brewing Company, Dyersville

In a public-private partnership, Dyersville Economic Development Corporation resuscitated a 115-year-old vacated downtown building and provided a gateway to a mixed use riverfront development on blighted property. The “Sewing Factory” building was converted into a brewery, taproom, community gathering space and art studio. Much of building’s contents turned into the walls, tables and floorboards, and the original structure was kept where possible.

Its downtown location and the trail extension promotes walkability with connections to services and public spaces. It already had infrastructure and civic amenities while redeveloping the grayfield area behind the main street properties.

The City of Dyersville had a Comprehensive Downtown Plan conducted and learned that the top three community priorities were strengthening downtown as a destination, growing local businesses, and improving public gathering spaces and connectivity.

Textile Brewing Company was a catalyst to meeting the City’s priorities – it remediated a blighted area of downtown, leveraged riverfront and vacant building resources, and created a vibrant downtown destination, which increased employment, tourism, entertainment, and traffic.

All appliances in the building are labelled ENERGY STAR and all lighting utilizes LED bulbs and lighting sensors. Natural hop vines are used to create a shade canopy over the back patio and outdoor seating space.

The biking and walking trail extended adjacent to the brewery connects the already popular Heritage Trail through the downtown area and along a planned riverfront where a public plaza will promote access to the river and activities such as kayaking. This development has also spurred an overall stream restoration program to help remediate flooding that occurs through the downtown district.

Lastly, the crafted beer is produced with locally grown ingredients saving on transportation cost, pollution and greenhouse gases and supports local farmers by purchasing their grain. The brewery also donates the spent grain to farmers and FFA students for animal food and compost, keeping tons of waste out of landfills. Recycled barrels from local wineries and distilleries are used for infusing flavors into the beer.

People United for Responsible Land Use