Renovated Residential: Naval Station, Davenport

Naval Station is a building with mixed income senior apartment homes. It began in 1904 as Buchanan School. The grade school was converted to a U.S. Naval Training Center and later adapted for reuse as a storage facility. By 2014, the building sat in disrepair due to weather infiltration on a blighted site. The building now provides decent, affordable and sustainable mixed income housing for retirees and inspired improvements to privately-owned homes in the neighborhood.

An excellent example of urban redevelopment, the Naval Station property underwent rezoning, used diverse funding sources, and substantial City investment in the surrounding neighborhood — major sidewalk and road projects and demolition of derelict properties.

On-site amenities include private and public community spaces for socialization and recreation, all creating a sense of place. Bicycle racks, proximity to bus lines, private parking and walking paths provide a variety of transportation modes.

Original and restored, salvaged and used, and sustainable new building materials were used during the renovation. Where necessary, new materials meeting IEDA’s Green Streets criteria were purchased and utilized (and later approved). The original stage flanked by ionic columns was retained and completed in accordance with the National Park Services standards on historic preservation.

Classrooms surrounding the perimeter of the building are now apartments, featuring dual flush toilets and low-flow shower heads; energy efficient HVAC, water heating systems and appliances; LED lighting, and natural daylighting through transom windows.

Site work design included preservation of mature, deciduous trees south of the building, and the addition of many more to add shade in the summer and warmth from the sun in the winter. Retained and added evergreen trees on the north of the building provide protection from north winds. These trees and other plantings, along with multiple stormwater best management practices, alleviate a considerable amount of the existing neighborhood stormwater challenges.

People United for Responsible Land Use