Placemaking: Albert Kruger, Sr. Shelter House

The Placemaking/Greenspace category spotlights spaces and attractions that combine sustainability, culture, inclusivity of an all-ages population, preservation of open spaces, and creative solutions that engage community members to interact with nature, with a local, small business economy, and with each other. Additional qualities include a community-led or multi-organizational effort with diverse stakeholders as well as accessibility for all to experience a sense of belonging and participation.

The Best Development Award in the Placemaking/Greenspace category is the City of Glidden for the Albert Kruger, Sr. Shelter House. As Glidden’s population slowly declines, the City has continued to ensure that the amenities and businesses that are located within the city meet the needs of its population. The City recognized a need for a new shelter that would be able to accommodate large community and private events, so it built a new structure, the Albert Kruger, Sr. Shelter House to replace a smaller, outdated shelter in the Glidden Pool Park, adjacent to the Aquatic Center. This location is easily accessed by all modes of transportation and is located near many local amenities.

Glidden determined that redevelopment of the land where the smaller shelter sat was the best option. Reusing the parkland allowed other city land to be utilized for different development or to be left undeveloped to preserve its integrity. To lower expenses and to save the structurally sound older shelter, the city took sealed bids. The highest bidder moved the old shelter to Lidderdale, where it is now repurposed as a garage.

The Albert Kruger, Sr. Shelter House was built using energy-efficient building materials and practices. To reduce the heating and cooling needs, the architect designed the building to use R-value foam insulation that is higher than standard. It also features a geothermal HVAC system and occupancy sensors to reduce the energy used when there is no one using it. To ensure that the building could be used for a variety of events, it was designed with an open floorplan. The toilets that were installed use a limited amount of water to reduce the building’s water usage.

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