2006 Best Development Award Recipients

Best New/Renovated Civic:Glenwood-Mills County YMCA:  Glenwood

The former National Guard Armory building was renovated in a historically-appropriate manner consistent with the surrounding buildings, and expanded with a 40,000 sf addition to create a new recreational facility near the heart of downtown Glenwood.  It is located along a major commercial corridor and arterial streets.  By adding on to the existing armory building, the project increased the community’s density and directed new residential development to an area of town with existing infrastructure.  The site is well-integrated into a recreational complex that includes access to trails and a variety of cultural facilities.

Best New Commercial: Grundy National Bank, 103 E Center St, Conrad

The Grundy National Bank was constructed on a brownfield site (formerly a gas station) at Center and Main Streets in the heart of Conrad.  The new building includes Bean Counters, a small coffee bar with space for informal community gatherings and conversation, as well as a green space outdoors.

Best Renovated Commercial: The Beauty Bank, Central City

A former bank building in downtown Central City, a Main Street Community, was renovated to house a hair salon, tanning beds, manicure facilities, and massage services.  The building was gutted to remove black mold; a new roof was installed that allowed for a second floor, and the original vault was renovated into a kitchenette/supply room.

Best Renovated Residential: Watertower Place Condos, 900 Second St. Southeast, Cedar Rapids

A 78-year old, six-story former seed warehouse on the Cedar River was converted into 46 loft condos, 4 commercial spaces and 59 indoor parking spaces.  This high-end condo complex is located immediately adjacent to another warehouse that was converted into subsidized housing for low-income people and artists, and is home to a number of immigrant families.  It is situated in New Bohemia emerging arts district just south of downtown Cedar Rapids.

Best New Residential: Riverfront Village, Cedar Valley Resotration, Waterloo

The development company has so far built three new homes in a historic neighborhood in the heart of downtown Waterloo.  CVRRD is also building seven new infill homes within walking distance of the central business district that are respectful of the historic neighborhood.  The company will soon be starting on a massive residential project along the Cedar River, and plans to build market rate to high-end apartments and condominiums.  The project includes rehabilitation of a 1910 two-story warehouse, as well as new construction.  Developer David Deeds sees the project as “an opportunity to remake a part of our community that has been neglected for a long time,” and is a huge part of creating a very livable, very urban, very desirable and exciting environment in downtown Waterloo.

Best Mixed-Use Development: SoHo Redevelopment Project, Des Moines

Located in the heart of Des Moines’ East Village just one minute from Downtown Des Moines, the State Capitol complex and the soon to be Riverwalk. In addition, residents may walk to the many shops, restaurants and cultural attractions of the East Village.  The project includes 13 retail spaces on the ground level and 32 condominium units on three floors.  All of the retail spaces are currently leased; 14 of the residential units have been sold

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