What We Do

Through public presentations, workshops, media coverage, and meetings and engagement with local residents, we work to empower Iowans by offering the information and tools they need to further the mission of 1000 Friends of Iowa.

We work to engage Iowans through grassroots organizing; and providing information, assisting with research, and providing tools for everyday Iowans to become involved in local  and statewide land use issues.

We strive to effect local, state, and federal public policy by monitoring legislation, encouraging Iowans to act when an important issue arises, and educating policymakers about the economic, social, and environmental benefits of responsible land use.

1000 Friends of Iowa has four main areas of focus:

  1. Land Use — protecting farms and natural areas
  2. Smarter Transportation
  3. Climate Change
  4. Sustainable Communities/Sustainable Development

We also have an annual Best Development Awards Program that recognizes Iowans who are doing exciting, sustainable projects across the state.

People United for Responsible Land Use