It Starts At Home

Have You Agreed to Host a House Party?

This guide is for those who have been contacted by a representative of 1000 Friends of Iowa, and have agreed to host a house party. Please download the Host a House Party Guide I and contact your 1000 Friends representative with any questions. The individual who invited you to host a party will make sure you have all the tools and assistance you need.

Interested in Hosting a House Party?

Hosting a house party is a wonderful way to get your neighbors involved in local issues facing your community. Understanding how the various issues are connected and why they are important are keys to local action. If you would like to host a house party for 1000 Friends of Iowa, please download and review theĀ Host a House Party Guide II and email us at or call 515-288-5364 so we can provide you with 1000 Friends of Iowa materials.

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